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Long before Dwight Yoakam was a Grammy Award-winning entertainer, he was a country boy growing up in rural Kentucky. One of his fondest memories is of his Granny Earlene preparing him down-home foods and how satisfying those meals were. Dwight collaborated with Modern Foods to bring quality, country-style foods to a wider audience.

Come on in, and see for yourself!

Modern Foods has now restarted and specializes in developing and marketing premier-quality celebrity-endorsed food products to the retail and food service markets.
Modern Foods is one of only a few organizations with proven success in developing and marketing celebrity-endorsed food products.
The Modern Foods team provides the right ingredients for success: in-depth market knowledge, longstanding relationships in the food industry, high quality, value priced products and strong marketing support.

A message from Dwight

dwight yoakam
Hi! Come on in, kick back and check out my latest hits!
I’m talking about Lanky Links™ sausage links, Chicken Lickin’s™ Chicken Fries and Border Dip™ Bean Dips – all are part of my Bakersfield Biscuits™ brand frozen foods.
And all the letters and e-mails we’re getting from folks like you tell us they’re becoming quite a big hit!

As I like to say, it’s “restaurant quality food without restaurant style wait.” You’ll find Lanky Links™ in the frozen meat section, Chicken Lickin’s™ next to other chicken foods and Border Dips™ in the dried foods section at your nearest Wal-Mart Supercenter and other fine retailers.

If your favorite retailer doesn’t carry us, ask your local grocery store manager to start carrying Bakersfield Biscuit Brand Lanky Links™ sausage links, Chicken Lickin’s™ Chicken Fries and Border Dips™ Bean Dips!

Best Regards,
Dwight Yoakam